Cooking Simulator


This project worked with Oculus Rift and Razer Hydra. I made this project for my research on evaluating the usability of 3DUI for kids with autism. With the virtual hands controlled by users’ real hands, users are able to pick up milk/cereal box, pour and mix cereal and milk in the bowl. Measuring cups could be used to accurately deliver a certain amount of milk and cereal. During the users interactions with the simulator, data such as the movement trail of user’s hands, tasks performances etc. were recorded and analysed. I am trying to find the general guidelines for building 3DUI Virtual Reality tools for autism therapy. To download and try this simulator please click here.

In addition, I made small tests to measure your sense of manipulating  3D virtual objects, it could be download by click here. The task is simply rotating or translating the house at the left side to make its orientation the same as the house at the right side.


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