Research Overview

Dr. Chao Mei is currently the Director of Human Factors Engineering at TCL Rayneo XR, leading the research of Human-Computer Interaction for AR wearable devices. He actively contributes to the IEEE VR and 3DUI community and serves as the Chair of the IEEE VR 3DUI contest. Before TCL Raynow, he worked in Meta Reality Labs, OPPO U.S. Research Center, and the Dept. of Software Engineering and Game Development at Kennesaw State University. He is an NSF grant awardee.  He received his Ph.D in Computer Science from the Computer Science Dept. at The University of Texas at San Antonio on Aug. 2016. His Ph.D. advisor is Dr. John Quarles who is the director of the San Antonio Virtual Environment (SAVE) lab. His main research areas are: Human-Computer Interaction – Virtual/Augmented Reality, Special Education, Educational Gaming and Software Engineering. He also got an M.B.A. degree from Georgia Institute of Technology.

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