Demo for Federal Congressman

March 1st 2014, our team is making a demo of the project Virtual Walk M.S to Federal Congressman Lloyd Doggett. More information about this project please step to its website:    

Virtual Walk M.S.

I as a main developer with our team made this project for National M.S society as an virtual online extension for their annual found raising event. In the traditional offline event, people get together and walk for 1 or 2 miles in order to raise found for M.S. society to support M.S research and M.S. […]

Cooking Simulator

  This project worked with Oculus Rift and Razer Hydra. I made this project for my research on evaluating the usability of 3DUI for kids with autism. With the virtual hands controlled by users’ real hands, users are able to pick up milk/cereal box, pour and mix cereal and milk in the bowl. Measuring cups […]